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How to choose the right limousine service in Chicago and around the world

Chief Chicago Limo is one of the top rated limo companies in Chicago. Chicago is a huge business hub and has one of the busiest airports in the world. People are in constant need for ground transportation.


How do you choose your limo company in Chicago and around the world? We, as a provider of car and limousine services in Chicago, would like to help you decide if the Chicago limo company you are currently using, or planning to hire, provides a great service at a reasonable price. We will touch base of some major criteria and will throw in some light how the business operates. Points like Size, Price, Quality of Service are some of the most important ones to consider when hiring a Chicago limo service company.




Many people go by the size of the limo company. However that is not relevant anymore. Why?!

Years ago, there were a few limo companies in Chicago which had huge fleet with their own cars. Today, small operators gained power thanks to the increased usage of technology in the ground transportation industry. Some of them have strong and reliable networks with other companies or independent chauffeurs which guarantees availability 24/7. Also, bear in mind that since Uber/Lyft change the picture, even the big companies started to get rid of their own fleet and hire independent chauffeurs. They also reach out to the small operators when they need help covering jobs. So nowadays, A mom and pop Chicago limousine service company can be as reliable as a global provider with branches and service areas around the world. For example, if you book with Blacklane, you will pay a premium because they maintain that “international car service” image. Do not let that trick you!  The fact is that Blacklane and some other “global” companies do not own fleet in Chicago and your booking will be distributed/ farmed out  to a local Chicago black car service company. Booking directly with that local limo company in Chicago can save you at least 30% and you will still get the same service.




Price is another important factor to consider  when you have to choose a limo service in Chicago or anywhere else. Chief Chicago Limo knows that budgets are tight and that both persons and corporations are trying to cut down on expenses. Ground transportation can be a huge chunk of expense which has room to be cut down on. If you do some more homework you can find very affordable limo service in Chicago. Years ago companies were charging premiums because there was no competition. Today’s limo business in Chicago got washed away and prices almost evened out with these of the TAXIs. One tip from us: whichever company charges more than double the price of the TAXIs, should not be on your list to do business with it. Search the net and you will find reliable Chicago Limo companies offering cheaper prices. Some of them advertise on google, others rely on organic traffic. Page 1 and 2 on google will show you a few local options to choose from and compare. Another tip from Chief Chicago Limo- book directly, do not use companies like Blacklane and Intui Travel. Cut the middleman and save money. They only increase your cost while bookings are still executed by local Chicago limo service companies for less $$.


Quality of service


Chief Chicago Limo believes that the quality of service provided is the most important thing in choosing the right limo company in Chicago. The Windy City limo service industry is highly competitive and every operator is trying to do their best to maintain or gain market share. The first impression starts even before you reach out to book a limo in Chicago. Check the ratings of the limo company, read testimonials of its clients. Have a look at its website. Google business listings, Yelp, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot are platforms which provide reliable ratings. Then, see how easy it is to book a trip. Will you have lengthy phone calls, possible spelling errors, hidden charges? Or you can just book a trip online in less than a minute and receive a confirmation and simple policies and procedures to follow. Did the company contact you before the pick up and provided you with the car and driver details? Was the driver wearing business attire? Was the driver naturally polite and friendly, did he assist with luggage and doors, did he offer umbrella on a rainy day, did you have water and refreshments on board, did he adjust the temperature according to your liking, was he too much talkative or only responded to your requests? Was he focused on the road or showed any signs of fatigue? Was the car clean, mats wiped, was the ride smooth and comfortable? Was the driver following the rules on the road, speeding, taking illegal U-turns, driving on shoulder, cutting off other vehicles, was he/she calm in traffic? Also, did the company follow up with you to find out how was your first experience? Those some of the questions that may help you choose a limo service in Chicago.  Be considerate, that high price not always means the best service. Competition is tough in Chicago so many small Chicago limousine service compnaies are walking the extra mile to provide outstanding service to their clients.


Chief Chicago Limo will be satisfied if we have made your choice easier. We believe that size, price and quality of service are the most important criteria to help you choose your limo service in Chicago and around the world. Of course there many other factors that depend on you, yourself. For example- do you like more like a corporate chauffeur or prefer a friendly relationship with your driver. Just measure the disadvantages and advantages of all that matters to you and you will make the right choice.


Chief Chicago Limo has left many happy clients and we keep on working hard to provide the residents and guests of the Windy City with the most affordable and reliable Chicago limo service.

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