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Chicago Chauffeur Car Service

chauffeur service chicago

Chauffeur service Chicago is an upscale, specialized and personalized black car service. It’s the ultimate experience an exquisite traveler can get. Chief Chicago Limo is all about professional private car service with a twist of personal touch. We have been in the business for a while to know we have an opportunity here. Chauffeur service Chicago is the perfect niche we found. Things have changed a bit nowadays and we hope to revive and maintain the real meaning and image of the word “chauffeur” in Chicago.

Today it’s very hard to find a real chauffeur. Drivers almost took over the whole industry. Uber, Lyft and other pseudo transportation companies affected the industry badly. You just need a few days in the field to see that more than 50% of the limo drivers in Chicago are not fit for the job. No offense, but many of them wear gym shoes or flip flops, dirty shirts, can barely speak English, have no manners, smoke and eat in the cars. Try our limousine service and you will not be sorry.

What is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur?

All chauffeurs are drivers, but not all drivers are chauffeurs. A driver is a person with driver’s license. That’s all. On the other hand, a chauffeur is a complex character. He/she is a mixture of skills, discipline, etiquette, caring personality and positive attitude. The term chauffeur comes from French and means stoker because of the first automobiles. However it evolved a lot and nowadays it stands for ultimate for-hire driving experience.

What Does A Chauffeur Wear

A chauffeur is expected to dress professionally wearing formal clothing. However, sometimes patrons require them to wear certain colors depending on the occasion they need them for. We have had cases, where clients provided a full Green Bay Packers outfit to two of our teammates to drive them from Chicago to Green Bay, Wisconsin. They even invited them to watch the games together at the Lambeau Field.

Once we provided to wear white suits. A fighter’s club gave us to wear their own gym clothes for one of the MMA competitions in Chicago.

How Does A Chauffeur Drive

Our Chief Chicago Limo chauffeurs know their route. Sometimes navigation is not accurate or it requires immediate change of route to avoid delays. That eliminates the stress and gets you on time to your destination. It’s also safer to keep eyes on the road without distracting themselves. If we happen to use GPS, it’s only to monitor changes in traffic and to navigate us off the main roads. We also have a back up route- plan B, in case things go down the hill.

We also practice defensing driving which basically means to be able to predict the actions of the other participants on the road. That’s very important for your safety. With eyes on the road, we can read other drivers’ intention to switch lanes, exit or stop unexpectedly. Keeping an eye on truckers on the road is crucial too. When a truck is empty, the wind can swing it into your lane and that can cause injuries or death. Other threat from them is when they tires burst on the road. We have seen many of these examples. Believe it or not, that has saved our clients from many accidents.

Chauffeurs are calm on the road and drive smoothly. No matter what happens, we cannot show road rage, accelerate or brake harshly. We can only honk, if that is the last measure to prevent us from getting into an accident. Our team only talk if spoken to, and they know their limousines very well. We know the sound of our cars and what is their ability. Rules on the road are our holly book. We will never speed, run red lights, drive on shoulders or do illegal or unsafe U-turns. Even if you insist or try to bribe us, we will polite say “NO” to you.

Something Extra You Can Expect From Our Chauffeur Service

Chief Chicago Limo provides pre-trip and after-trip attention. Our chauffeurs will care about you from before you enter the vehicle till after you leave it. Creating relationships is very important for us and some of our clients have created special bonds with our chauffeurs. Patrons may text us to buy them a coffee or a special drink for their next day’s trip. We can check on you how did your business meeting went or your kids’ sports game over the weekend. Of course, everything is with limits and that happens only if you, the client, decide to open up with us. That makes us one of the best chauffeuring service in Chicago.

Chauffeur Service Chicago O’Hare

Chief Chicago Limo offers luxury chauffeur service Chicago to O’Hare. Clients who prefer to build relationship with whoever is driving them can now book online our private chauffeur service Chicago/Suburbs.

The Emirates chauffeur service Chicago is for all those who fly with the Emirates Airline. The airline’s all patrons can now reserve a trip with us with no limitation in mileage.  It’s like the Chauffeur-drive but booked directly with us. We recommend our luxury suvs for that so you fully experience the comfort of the limo ride you are paying for. Or try our Qatar Airways chauffeur service Chicago. Chief Chicago Limo serves all the airlines and provides airline crew transportation as well.

Our airport airport limo service covers O’Hare international airport, Chicago Midway airport and all the private FBOs in the area. When you book an airport transfer in Chicago with us, we guarantee you will travel worry-free. We track your flights and communicate with you every step of your trip. This way you know we are running as scheduled. On top of that, our rates are final and all inclusive. You pay what you see, unless you change the route of the airport limo service.

Chief Chicago is one of the most prestigious airport transfer companies in the Windy City. We have never left anyone stranded and make pick ups and drop offs easy and smooth. If you would like our professional chauffeur to meet you inside the terminal, upgrade to our Meet and Greet Service. We will wait for you with your name on a sign, help you with luggage and escort you to your O’hare Midway limo.

Book our Chicago airport chauffeur service now!

Corporate Transportation Chicago

With our corporate chauffeured service, your executives, guests and employees will have the peace of mind moving swiftly and on time from point A to point B. We know business schedules are likely to change often. Tell us what your needs are and our customer service will customize your ride to meet your ground transportation needs. Our service is very flexible and we can easily switch from a regular airport ride to hourly retainer. We never say ‘NO”, so you will get what you need.

Long Distance Car Service Chicago

Book our chauffeured black car service Chicago when you need to go out of state or your destination is hundreds, even thousands of miles away. Our long distance car service will get you wherever you need to be. We will drive you from Chicago to Miami, Denver, New York and even from Chicago to Canada. Just prearrange with us and give us enough time to dispatch a well-enough rested chauffeur.

Long distance driving over 500 miles requires special approach. Let’s discuss these before you book them. You might need a second chauffeur if you are in a hurry. Or if you book a limo from Chicago to California, you may have to pay for a hotel stay and food. Whatever you need, we can deliver it.

Hourly Chauffeured Service

Hourly limo service is a great fit for those who need the flexibility and the ability to control their schedule. It gives you the freedom to leave earlier, stay longer or move from one place to another. Hourly/As Directed is perfect for special and sporting events or business meetings and conferences. Your ride is just a call away. Enjoy the moment or focus on your business agenda.

Cheap Chauffeur Service Chicago

You got extra cash and you want to pay less? We can make a deal. If you do not have to expense your trip, pay attention to the cash rates at the booking tool below. You can save up to $30 on local rides and up to $750 on long distance once. For example, when you book a limo service from Chicago to New York you can pay cash $2046 while on credit card will be $2346. It does make a difference, right! For more information please click here.

About Chief Chicago Limo

We know you have many options but if you happen to find us while searching for chauffeured limousine and car service in Chicago, give us a try.

We love what we do and you are in the center of our universe. Chief Chicago Limo is offering you new fleet and some of the best chauffeurs at budget-friendly rates. Our team tries to make everyone happy and exceed your expectations. We are always on time and always with a smile.

We are looking forward to be your chauffeured limo service in Chicago!


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