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Limousine and car service or Uber/Lyft?

Chicago Limousine and black car service or Uber/Lyft

Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and one of the biggest in USA. It is a tourist attraction for many and a major business hub for others. For the rest, it is their home town. For all, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to transportation in the Windy City.

Ride Share or Chicago limousine and black car service!? That is the question and the dilemma for many travelers. We, at Chief Chicago Limo, would like to help you make the right decision. Read our evaluation of those different segments and decide for yourself.


Many of you make a decision according to your budget. We do not blame them. Uber and Lyft are cheaper. Just when you use them be aware that you will get what you pay for.


Construction truck used for ride-share


Sometimes a loaner car, a construction pickup truck, a 20 year old car. Often dirty and not well maintained. We agree that sometimes you may get a nice vehicle, but the nice vehicles will soon become obsolete with the $0.90 per mile the TNCs pay their drivers. That is insufficient amount of money to maintain a vehicle in a good and safe condition for the long run. Even if you happen to get a nice car, the chance that your driver will get lost is a big one. Many of those drivers are part time and they have no knowledge how to find their way around in Chicago. They solely rely on the phone GPS, which often looses signal and recalculates in the downtown because of the high rises around. Or, the GPS will send them in the alley, instead of at the main entrance of your home. Another problem with the GPS is that it is not showing the driver which way to take so driver arrives on the right side of the street. Many hotel addresses are on one street, but their entrance is on the other street. We bet that you, who use Uber/Lyft, have all experienced some of those examples. Drivers are not background checked, and who knows what their insurance covers at times of an accident. Rideshare drivers even avoid to wash their cars because they are afraid that if they leave the “hot” area they may miss a good request.


20+ year old car used for ride-share


Yes, both Uber and Lyft have a high end service, but there is no consistency in it. The only common is that they use black cars. One time driver can be with jeans, next time with suit and tie. Third time- with sweat pants and sneakers. Imagine if you have a special event to go to or a business meeting! Another disadvantage of Uber Black and Lyft LUX is their pricing schemes- too cheap for the short trips and too high for the long trips. The cheap prices on the short trips make drivers hide water and not care to open doors or help with luggage, while the high prices on the long trips rip off the clients and they may not use it again.


Loaner used illegally for Ride share


Uber and Lyft started with a great idea, but something went wrong down the road because they focused on quantity instead of quality.





The TNCs could not destroy the limousine industry. They actually opened doors for new players on the field. Those that adapt technology and are open to change. Chief Chicago Limo is one of those new players.

People should be aware that companies like Chief Chicago Limo are looking at Uber and Lyft not as competitors but as mentors. We learned that smart prices and consistency in providing great service can go hand in hand.

Clients must know that they can find an affordable Chicago limousine and black car service at affordable rates. The Chicago limos are regulated and that guarantees similar car makes and control over the age of the vehicles. The BACP also requires that all Chicago limos must have commercial insurance and undergo a special vehicle inspection twice a year.

When you book in advance our Chicago limo service, you will get a professional chauffeur who knows how to get around the Windy City. Our Chicago chauffeurs will never drive recklessly because your safety is our number one priority. The vehicle will be cleaned for your pick up and stocked with water and refreshments. Our Chicago black car service chauffeurs will assist you with luggage and open doors for you making you feel special.

We have also found a solution to the On Demand need for a car, though there is room to improve there. Thanks to our network, we are very likely to find you a car within 15 minutes in Downtown and 30 minutes in the suburbs. However we encourage booking in advance for better quality of service.

Chief Chicago Limo is hoping that we covered most of the aspects of both segments and that we will help you make the right decision when you need transportation in Chicago and the suburbs.

Ride Safe!!!

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