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Once the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to university. No matter if you are going to the famous University of Chicago, Loyola University or the University of Illinois – you want to get to your campus quickly and to know that you are safe.

The University of Chicago is almost an hour away from O’Hare airport. If you are one of the lucky ones who is attending the same classes and walking the same halls where people like Carl Sagan, Roger Ebert and Susan Sontag studied, you have bigger things on your mind and transportation should be the least of your worries. Especially when an entire campus is arriving at the same time, the crowds at the airport and near the university are getting bigger day by day.

But getting from O’Hare to any university can be quite a complicated task when you don’t plan it in advance. The University of Chicago is set in the urban area and to reach it you must pass through the busy downtown streets where traffic can easily become very hectic. Walking even a little with all that luggage is usually out of the question, so you need a car service that will get you door to door and by having a chauffeur that knows the city well and is more than willing to help.

Safe And Reliable Limo Service From O’Hare to University

Instead of trying to catch just any taxi at the airport and get tricked by unlicensed drivers who are just waiting to strip you of your money that could be used way better at college, just book your limo service from O’Hare to university in advance. Why would you come to the airport being anxious about choosing the right vehicle when you can have a limo waiting for you as soon as you exit the airport building.

You probably have quite a luggage that needs to be transported to the campus as well. Our chauffeurs will be happy to help you and you won’t have to think about safety and whether or not your precious possessions will reach your dorm in one piece.

Traveling By Yourself Or As a Group

It happens all the time – your family wants to be there with you on your first day of college or your friends got into the same university and you are traveling together. If so, you will be very pleased with the variety of our limos that can fit independent travelers just as much as an entire family. Sedans and SUVs – we got them all.

Even if you are in a college sports team and you need a transportation to and from O’Hare airport or to a campus in the Chicago area for a game – we can provide you with luxury vans and buses.

Affordable Car Service From O’Hare To University

You will be surprised just how affordable our prices are and how high the quality of our services is. We know college payments can be difficult on any family’s budget and we don’t want you to compromise your comfort because of the price. You will be charged only what was agreed during the reservation process and you will see no extra fees at the end of your trip.

Book our limo service right now by filling out the form on the left and choose the type and the size of the vehicle that you like and need. You can pay right away with any major credit card and we will confirm your reservation in no time.

Reach your campus quickly and without a worry in mind and feel free to call us during holidays when you are going to O’Hare and traveling back home. We work non-stop and our services are always available.