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You Book, We drive. Enjoy the first fully self-booking platform for limousine services in Chicago. Save yourself time and headaches by getting instant quotes in less than 30 seconds and booking a limo in under 2 minutes. If you think we are the right fit for your ground transportation needs, create an account with us and use the perks of the booking system.  Save addresses, passengers, payment methods, book through text or email, book for others, keep track of expenses, run reports, etc. Read HOW TO BOOK section or play with the booking tool on our home page or at the end of this one.

After you place a reservation online, our team will review it and if everything is OK, we will email you a confirmation. There are rare cases your reservation maybe rejected. If we think your booking is not safe for execution or you fail the random credit car verification process, we will send you a cancellation confirmation.

Pre Chief Chicago Limo

After I earned earned my MBA, I realized how hard it was to land a permanent well-paid job with no experience in corporate world. Eventually, I could not afford to continue being tossed around between temp-to-hire positions and I had to do something else.

I started working as a limo driver for one of the oldest limousine service companies in Chicago. I learned many things- both what to do and what NOT to do. Clients quickly started liking me and asking for me, but the company would not let me drive them. I did not know my orders for the next day, or had to wait dispatch to switch shifts to learn what’s next for me. At he same time, the limo company was not allowing me to work for any other company. So basically, sometimes I had to be out 15 hours a day for 3 orders. That was the most annoying part which made me make the move and start on my own.

The Birth Of Chief Chicago Limo

One day I decided to go and buy an SUV so I can cover both sedan and SUV requests. I was so determined that I bought the vehicle even before I got my chauffeur license. It was around the time when UBER and Lyft were gaining speed and disrupting the industry. Some hardcore limo drivers were laughing at me, telling me I am starting my own business at the wrong time. But i knew there is never a wrong time if you do it right.

After the long hours and hard work, things started working slow by slow. Chief Chicago Limo focused on professional car service with a twist of personal touch. Clients were happy, the fleet grew, the crew grew. It was getting better and better every year…until COVID19 hit.

What’s Next And What To Expect From Us?

What’s next? I don’t know! That’s the first time in my life I have no idea what will happen. Hopefully, Chief Chicago Limo survives, our current patrons start traveling again with us again and you get on board too. Time will tell.

What to expect from us?

Till I am in charge of Chief Chicago Limo, you can expect the same old, professional and personalized service we have been delivering for years. Our chauffeurs are some of the best and friendliest in the industry and they will walk the extra mile for you. Fleet is always up to date, clean and spacious. You can fully trust us with all your business and leisure ground transportation needs. We treat every single client like a king and there is no room for mistakes at Chief Chicago Limo.

We are Looking forward to driving you soon!




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