You may, if we our representatives are available, BUT the already-applied 10% online discount will be reversed on to your rate.

Our system is very user friendly and up to date, allowing a person to book for others. Perfect tool for executive assistants, Travel agents, Travel planner and etc.

It’s optional. If you do, you will have access to the perks of the booking system- book for others, save addresses, names, track expenses etc. If you have an account and even you are unable to book, you can just send us an email or text and we will create your reservation in seconds

No!!! Pick up time from the airport MUST be your flight’s scheduled arrival time. Bookings with pick up time different that the flight’s actual arrival time will be ignored and executed our way. Don’t worry how long it takes for Immigration or luggage? Our job is to wait as long as we know you are at the airport

Absolutely! Visit our Fleet ( link) and Team( link) tabs on our website and you ll see real photos of some of our vehicles and chauffeurs.

Absolutely. However that request will be granted at 2 hour charter rates. Why? Because we usually assign whatever is available so chauffeurs make enough money for the day. That specific request will block the vehicle or chauffeur from accepting other trips before and after your ride. Hope that explains it all.

NO!!! Every flight must have its own vehicle! Failure to do so, will result in switching to hourly rate. Flights often do not arrive as scheduled and waiting time is likely to take place

Yes we do! When you enter your flight info, you ll have an option to choose your pick up type. It’s $20 extra

Yes. However if you think your chauffeur walked the extra mile, feel free to tip more in car. Many clients do!

Yes we do! For now we use the Toll Guru App for calculating the tolls. Tolls will be added to your rate for your trip AND for the return of the vehicle at the trip’s starting point.

New clients – as soon as the cancellation policy kicks in. Repeated clients- after the trip or even much later.

No. Having carryons and checked bags in the vehicle may lead to serious injury or death in case of an accident. Insurance will not cover you, and we will go to jail!!! Purses and backpacks are fine.

No. Due to liability reasons, car seats and their installation are the sole responsibility of the parents or guardians. Thank you for the understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

No smoking! Alcohol consumption is allowed only in the stretch limos.

That’s a PIB topic, we know and we are trying to sort it out easier. We are very flexible for Sedans and SUVs. For airport pick ups, clients can cancel our service before the plane takes off. Stretch, Vans and Buses have 7 days cancellation policy. We also understand the weather delays and other conditions. Just give us a TIMELY call and we will figure it out. We will have to charge you if you cancel after we assign you a chauffeur.

ONLY when we do not hear from you within your included waiting time! We will try to text and call you at the end of your included waiting time. Just notify us it takes you longer and we will wait.

Yes, but you have to request it from your chauffeur in the vehicle since they keep it all. Failure to do so, office cannot issue you a receipt.

Yes. Extra stops, even if on route are chargeable. We normally charge $20 for stops along the way, others are calculated by the office

Airport pick ups and drop-offs / Point-to-Point / Long Trips/ Hourly service or Charters, Nights our, Games, Concerts, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Car Service. Everything- customized trips too.

We accept pets. Pets can be transported at additional $50 per SUV( cleaning and odor removal fee). Each pet must be in a crate or kennel, safely closed and placed in the trunk area of our luxury SUVs. No pets allowed in the seating area. When you transport pets, let us know in advance so we make sure that your chauffeur is not scared from or allergic to pets. For more info please read our T&C. Failure to follow our policies may delay or cancel your pet transportation needs.

Lost and found items will be left at the office and it’s client’s responsibility to contact our office and collect them. Delivery may result in a charge.

We will do our best to avoid charging you extra time when events are not in your control

But FYI our not so followed policy is:

Airport pick ups: Domestic flights have 45 minutes included waiting time , International flights have 1 hour included waiting time. Waiting time starts after plane’s actual arrival at gate. Passenger should contact us immediate +18474544183 after landing so we know that they have arrived.

If we don’t hear from you within the included waiting time, driver will be released, a no show considered and they will be charged 100%

If we know that they you have arrived we will wait for them as long as needed (waiting time charges may apply).

Non-Airport pick ups: 15 minutes included waiting time( 100% that extra charges will be applied for non-airport pick ups after the 15 minutes have expired)

After included waiting time, $2 per minute will be charged.