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We are offering you our limo deals Chicago so you can save money on your next ride with us. It also creates a different experience and gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better. We made it fun to book and ride a limo in Chicago. Chief Chicago Limo is a top rated Chicago limo service providing black car service to and from O’hare airport, Midway and Chicago. We cover the whole state of Illinois when it comes to airport transportation. In addition to that, our long distance limo service will drive you thousands of miles as long as your trip starts or ends in the Chicago area.

We are focused on making everyone happy with our limo services and airport transportation. As one of the top-rated limo companies in Chicago, we are trying to stay on top of the game and improve your experience with us. We are offering you discount limo service Chicago. You just need to keep an eye and be the first one to respond.

Spin The Wheel Limo Service Deals Chicago

Every day when you enter our web page, the wheel of fortune will pop up. Try your luck and get discounts or prizes when you spin the wheel. We offer you discount limo service Chicago. You can win $5 off, $10 off on airport limo deals Chicago. We also give away Starbucks gift cards, bananas and healthy snack. The biggest secret is our surprise gift. We have set up the wheel with high chance of winning, so if you loose, consider yourself a bummer. 😉

Chicago Airport Limo Coupons

Get Chicago airport limo service discount when you fill out the form below. In the comment section mention your city and airport you go to. We will either give you unbeatable rate or email you Chicago limo coupons in the form of a promo code. Once you receive it, you can apply the Chief Chicago Limo Promo Code at check out.

If you are in a hurry and cannot wait for us to respond, text us your name, email, city and airport at +1 847 454 4183

Pay Ca$$, Ride For Le$$ Discount Offer

For those who have cash and do not need to expense their travel, this is the best option. You pay cash, we drive you for less. Check our cash limo discount Chicago by clicking on the blue button at the end of the page. Fill out your trip details and you will see your cash rates in less than 30 seconds. Our cheapest limos stars from $60 and you can save up to $100 on a limo ride.

Last Minute Limo Deals Chicago

Last minute limo deals Chicago is the best limo deals Chicago. It’s our favorite.

Kalo, the owner came up with the idea of “amputating the empty leg”. What is empty leg?! That is when cars have to either go to or return from a scheduled pick up empty. We are the FIRST to use that to offer people a cheap limo service Chicago. That usually will be before the first or after the last trip of that vehicle. Sometimes and between the trips if the gap allows it.

We will save on gas and time and you will pay less for a luxury ride. Read how it works:


  1. Like our Facebook page, because that’s where the limo deals/promos will be posted EVERY DAY
  2. Turn the notifications ON so you know when we post a new deal
  3. Share our Facebook page because if the posted trip does not work for you, it may fit someone else’s schedule and routes. The more likes we have, the bigger the chance is that someone will benefit from chopping that empty leg.
  4. Type of vehicle available – sedan or SUV, etc
  5. Usually rates will be up 50% off the regular rates on our website.
  6. We will put the time of pickup which will be an interval let’s say between 9 am and 9:30 am. Earlier or later than the time posted the vehicle ll not be available because it either has to leave to or return from its next scheduled pick up.
  7. We determine the PU and DO locations– those are strictly set and cannot be changed because the vehicle will have a scheduled pick up or drop off in one those areas.
  8. Take action to book as advised on the limo deal post:

Posts will look like this:

Tomorrow 50% off or $90
Sedan available
PU Chicago Loop
DO Milwaukee WI
Text to book at +1xxx-xxx-xxxx

*The limo service we offer in those deals is the same as the regular. No cutting corners at Chief Chicago Limo! It’s a win-win situation.

*Do not rely on those deals at the last moment because that day we may not be in your area and within your time. For 100% guaranteed pickups, please prearrange your trip with us when you click on the button below

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