a happy couple promoting ways to spoil your wife is to have a limousine tour for trip dinner date

A Way To Spoil Your Wife

Spoil your wife when you can. Our everyday life is too busy and we often forget about the loved ones. If that’s your mom, she may forgive you. But if that’s your wife- you are in trouble! Do not take your spouse for granted and always spice up your relationship and keep the sparkle. Surprise…

chauffeur service diver in chicago going down on the car

Chauffeur Training Manual

In this page you can find the basic Chief Chicago Limo’s chauffeur training manual. As one of the top rated Chicago limo companies for years, we decided to get together all the requirements and characteristics needed to be an excellent chauffeur. Our chauffeurs strictly follow these guidelines which are our secret to win and retain…

overview of seven steps for defensive driving

Defensive Driving

What Is Defensive Driving? Defensive driving is when you operate a motor vehicle with the ability to save lives and avoid accidents. Reducing the risk of dangerous situations on the road increases the safety of yourself and those of your passengers. It literally means defending everyone in your vehicle from the reckless actions of others…