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Homecoming Limo Service

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Homecoming is the most important high school event next to the prom – you get to dress up in a fancy gown and you hire a fancy limo service to get you to the school dance and back home safely. By booking a homecoming limo you get the glamour necessary for such an evening and you get the professional driving you to your destination and back.

No matter if your high school is in Chicago downtown or further away in the suburbs, we will be there on time to pick you up, take you to the school dance and wait for you when it’s time to go back.

This is one of the few times in your school years when you can act like a celebrity and not arrive in your parent’s or your friend’s car. Don’t waste your time going around looking for a parking spot. Book your limo and just sit back, relax and enjoy your homecoming evening.

Best Limos For Homecoming Dance

We have a large fleet of limos for any occasion, but we know that students like their stretch limos the most. You can book our Lincoln MKT stretch limo and turn every head upon your arrival. The best thing is that our services are extremely affordable and you pay per limo, not per person, meaning you and your friends can share the limo and split the cost. There will be no additional fees during your ride and the amount you pay while booking your limousine is the only thing we will charge. If you are not the attention grabbing kind of person, we also have sedans, SUVs for up to six people and luxury vans that can fit more than ten people.

Professional Chauffeurs That Will Get You Home Safely

Driving with friends to and from your homecoming dance is not the safest option. By booking a homecoming limousine, you get a uniformed chauffeur with years of experience who knows every Chicago road, inside and outside of town. They are polite and friendly, they know how important this evening is for you and they will open doors and help you in and out of the car so you can preserve your outfit in the best condition. Limousine drivers are in constant communication with our staff who knows at all times whether they are where they should be. We hired only the chauffeurs with best of recommendations whose backgrounds were thoroughly checked.

Book Your Homecoming Limo Now

When homecoming season starts, limos are harder to get by and if you wait until the last minute to book your limo you may find yourself with far less options than if you had called a few days or weeks before. To make sure you get the exact limo you like and need for you and your friends, book your homecoming limousine now.

You can reserve the limo via our website chat, Book Now button or by filling out the form on our website and if you book online we will even give you 10% discount. If you or your parents would rather talk to our representatives and get the details about us and our limo service via the phone, you can call our number anytime. Finally, there is the option of booking your homecoming limo by sending an email with the details of your evening route.