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Fundraiser evenings are black tie glamorous events that require a certain elegance and etiquette that must be followed.

Evening gowns, limousines and red carpets are just some of the obligatory things that make the fundraisers so special.

Chicago is a city full of generous people who like to give back to the community and it’s no wonder that there are so many charity events throughout the year. CBRE Chicago Charity Bash, for example, is real estate industry’s favorite summertime fundraiser event. Lunar Ball focuses on Asian-American community and helping children, elderly, refugees as well as young entrepreneurs. Attending Make a Wish cocktail reception will enable them to grant two wishes.

Gala events like fundraisers usually create crowds around the venue with inevitable traffic jams and lack of parking spots that could ruin your evening before it even starts. To help you arrive to the charity event of your choice in style, we provide you with fundraiser limo service that is glamorous, but also affordable enough to help you redirect your money where it is much more needed.

Glamorous Limos For Gala Events

While building one of the largest fleets in Chicago area, we paid special attention to have enough limos for special occasions and events that demand a touch of class and glamour. For those who want to reach their charity event quickly, regardless of the traffic and are not looking to draw too much attention to themselves, we offer elegant sedans. Families, small teams and close friends can count on our spacious SUVs. Larger groups like multiple company representatives and employees can always book one of our luxury vans. Of course, to really make an impression you can reserve one of our stretch limos that will turn you into the star of the evening. What is more, a classy limo will also help you preserve your outfit which will remain intact in a limo comparing to the other forms of transportation, especially during a bad weather.

Professional And Uniformed Chauffeurs

With our chauffeurs you will always be on time no matter where you go or how bad the traffic is, because they know every street in Chicago area and they always find the best and quickest route to your destination. They are well-mannered, polite and always in a professional uniform, ready to open doors for you and help you in and out of the vehicle. Regardless of whether you are leaving from city centre or one of the Chicago suburbs, they will be ready to pick you up once your fundraiser event is over and take you safely back home.

Book Your Fundraiser Limo Now

When you know you are about to go to a fundraiser, you should book your limousine in advance and ensure that you get the vehicle you want and need. Other people going to the same event will also need a transportation, so don’t risk being left with very few choices just because others were faster to react than you did.

The easiest way to book your fundraiser limo is via our chat, Book Now button and a form on our website and when you book online we will even give you 10% discount and help you save that money for the charity. If you prefer, you can make a reservation by dialing our phone or sending us an email with details of your trip.

We accept all major credit cards, so you can pay right away and be sure that there will be no additional fees and unexpected costs at the end of your evening.

Enjoy your fundraiser event and focus on giving back to those in need and we will take care of the rest.