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SUVs are a perfect choice for individuals or a small group that needs a limo service.

Anyone living in Chicago knows how unfriendly and merciless its weather can be. Rain and snow that never seems to stop can make a real mess in the traffic and a lot of vehicles simply get stuck. However, most times you can’t afford to be late or not even show up to a business meeting, a fair or a roadshow. But this is where SUVs are simply invincible. They can easily overcome any storm or a slippery road and they will always get you where you’re going on time.

SUVs are a perfect choice for individuals or a small group that needs a limo service. Your family is extremely safe and comfortable in our SUVs, as well as your friends and employees, and you don’t have to worry about driving, parking or returning home safely.

That being said, SUVs are the best option for when you need to catch a plane on a day with bad weather, when you just got off the plane and don’t want to bother looking for transportation for your tired family or team members. Families going downtown to a Chicago Children’s Museum or Lincoln Park Zoo from the suburbs could definitely use our SUV limo service.

SUVs Of All Shapes And Sizes

When you are getting a SUV limo service you are looking for comfort and safety. Especially if you have kids who sometimes require additional baggage, be it a stroller, pack and play or a booster seat, that simply don’t fit in a smaller car. There is enough space for your children to rest or even take a nap from their busy day.

You can choose between our GMC Yukon XL, Chevy Suburban, Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes SL. All of our SUVs have interior made from high quality black leather and can fit up to 6 people. Each and every one of them is inspected every six months by the Chicago authorities and is being kept in perfect condition.

Your Very Own Chauffeured SUV

There is no doubt that you will be safe and get where you are going in time with our professional drivers. Immensely polite and attentive, all chauffeurs that we hire are long term professionals who have been highly recommended to us. They have the entire Chicago area map memorized and can always find the route that is faster and shorter, but still keeping your ride smooth. You can focus on spending your time with your family while we do the driving.

Corporate SUV Limo Service

SUVs are not for families only. Your team of up to 6 employees can just as comfortably and safely use it to get to a business fair, trade show or for a day full of meetings around town. SUVs can ensure that your team arrives on time to and from the airport, especially if you’re having a roadshow activities that don’t allow a minute of tardiness. Our SUVs will get you to your destination no matter the weather and traffic, so that you can continue with your business without having to apologize for being late. Our chauffeurs will give you all the privacy you need to do your work or to have a much needed rest. The trunk space also provides enough room for business items like roll ups and boxes with promotional material.

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We will provide you with a superb SUV limo service in Chicago and all you have to do is call our number or fill in the form available on our website. We will answer in no time and offer the best price on the market. After we confirm your reservation our dispatchers will continue the communication to make sure that we are providing everything you may need from our limo service.

In case you are booking our SUV limos for trade shows, business fairs or roadshow, you should call us as soon as possible in order to ensure that you get the vehicle you need.

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