Chicago Executive Protection is a close protection of VIPs, CEOs and high profile individuals. That includes anyone who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location. If you make impactful decisions, you should consider hiring a bodyguard or executive security services. Some of our clients who need executive protection security services in Chicago are:

  • Executives
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Diplomats
  • Foreign Business Leaders
  • Families
  • Children


We will work closely with you to understand your security needs and concerns. Be honest! Share with us even the smallest accident that has happened with you or the person who needs protection. Only this way, we will pinpoint the vulnerabilities, go through all possible scenarios and develop the best protection plan to keep you safe.

Trust our elite executive protection professionals who are trained into taking action to reduce individuals’ exposure to potential risks. If you need such a service, then our Chicago Executive Protection is your right choice.

Some Of Our Executive Protection Plans We Offer

All off duty officers carry for maximum protection. Client decides the dress code of the security guard. Some clients prefer it casual to keep a low profile. Others prefer the security guard wears a suit. The rates below include a full-size black American SUV, a chauffeur and and an Off Duty Officer. Shift will start when the Officer is picked up by Chief Chicago Limo and end when the Officer is dropped off at the office.

Chicago Executive Protection rates are as follows:

          ESCORT (strictly in the vehicle): $300/hr per guard with 4hr minimum

          EXECUTIVE PROTECTION (vehicle and mobile): $400/hr per guard with 4hr minimum

***All services above will be billed at a rate of 2x after 8hrs and on major holidays***

***Extras like parking, hotel stays, food, etc, will be added additionally to the rates above***

Let us know if your needs require custom executive protection and we will find a way to accommodate your request.

Executive Protection Services In Chicago- What To Expect

Chief Chicago Limo entered the private security industry after years of driving VIPs and dignitaries. We partnered up with a highly regarded and fully licensed vendor to provide off-duty/retired law enforcement officers who specialize in executive protection, defensive driving, marksmanship and first aid.

From the moment our clients arrive in Chicago to the moment they depart, their personal safety is our top priority. With unmatched knowledge of the City’s layout, our executive protection service will create an itinerary that will minimize our clients’ risks. In addition to that, our flexibility allows for change in plans, extended stays and even traveling throughout the Midwest.

Chief Chicago Limo is looking forward to working with you!

How To Book Chief Chicago Limo’s Armed Protection Services

Text “ARMED PROTECTION” at +1-847-454-4183 and we will call you to discuss your needs.