Affordable LimoSUV Limo Chicago

Chief Chicago Limo is a premium, boutique limo service in Chicago and its surroundings. We are 100% into customer satisfaction and our online reviews on Google and TripAdvisor back up what I say.

We at Chief Chicago Limo are constantly striving to improve operations and help our clients keep more in their pockets. With the introduction of our Cheap SUV Chicago Limo service, we are offering our clients a better rate, maybe be the best rate out there.

That’s a great limo service for those who do not need to expense travel in the end of the year or those who are going on vacation. We save you the credit card fees and give something more from us. It’s a Win-Win situation for both of us.

However, when booking online that service, you still need to input your credit card info. Why?! Don’t worry, after you pay our chauffeur cash, your credit card will be released without charge on it. We do that, so we make sure that you really need the ride and we will only charge that card in case of a No Show or late cancel. Also, we are trying to avoid some unpleasant pranks our competition may try to play on us. 😉

With that Cheap SUV Chicago Limo service, you will get the same SUV and the same great service as if you pay it with your credit card. Guaranteed.

By doing this, we believe we can make SUVs more affordable for those that travel in groups of 3 or less. Why not ride in a luxury SUV with more leg room and comfort and pay a sedan rate…. CASH!?

By introducing this new Chicago Limo service to the public we give you the benefit of riding like a boss for le$$.

The booking process is the same as for the other limo services Chief Chicago Limo has. Go online, and book yourself. Create an account so next time you can book in less than a minute and enjoy perks like saved addresses, passengers, phone numbers, payment types etc

Chief Chicago Limo is not just a limo service in Chicago. We are trying to create friendships and long term relationships, understand each other and help each other.

Come on board and you will see!