Me, Kalo, the owner of Chief Chicago Limo would like to give YOU the best gift ever – the gift of health.

Offer has expired!

Our premium limo service company, Prabu Inc, will cover $20 of the monthly cost of your gym, swimming pool, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey playground, yoga place, spa, massage, hair or nail salon, martial arts club, and any sports activity you are signed up for. Or you can choose to use those $20 towards a purchase from some of the nutrition stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Optima Nutrition, and similar. We will try first through purchasing you a $20 non-refundable gift card from the store of your choice. If not, we will reach out to the store and try to settle with them.

A few things you need to do:

  1. Visit our website and check rates and vehicle options there. Vans and stretch limos need to be booked a week in advance. Sedans and SUVs are more flexible.
  2. BOOK ONLINE at least one round trip airport transfer PER MONTH to and from O`Hare or Midway airports. For easier bookings, create an account and in the future, you can book in less than a minute, save addresses, book for others, track expenses, change or cancel reservations within the outlined time limit. It’s better than an app.
  3. After we execute your booking, either we will purchase a $20 non-refundable gift card under your name or we will settle directly with the store  and you will be emailed a proof of that.  There is an “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SECTION” on the last step of the booking process, where you need to provide us with the info about the store of your choice.
  4. You keep on booking with us every month, we will continue keeping you healthy. Promo valid till further notice.
  5. If you happen to book more trips during the same month, we will adjust them with 10% off the base rate. WIN-WIN situation.
  6. Deal is NOT limited to Illinois residents only. Anyone from USA and around the world who flies in and out of Chicago and books our limo services is eligible for the Be Healthy deal. As long as the trips are to and from O`Hare or Midway airports, we will get those $20 covered. 

A few more things you need to know:

  1. Valid for airport runs to from Chicago O`Hare and Midway airports only.
  2. NOT valid for cancelled bookings which we did not execute.
  3. Valid only for specialized stores and businesses. Not valid for grocery stores, etc., where you have opportunity to purchase unhealthy products.
  4. The $20 will NOT be cashed back or discounted to you directly. It will be a non-refundable gift card, or it will be paid directly to the facility of your choice. We want to make sure that you stay healthy!
  5. 1st-to-last-day-of-the-month period strictly enforced. Meaning that if your second-round trip for the month is on 31st, it CANNOT be applied for your next-month-$20 covered by us.
  6. Invoiced clients are excluded from this deal.
  7. Cash paying clients are excluded from this deal.
  8. Valid for online bookings ONLY. No phone calls or emails to place a booking- such will even revert the already applied 10% online discount.
  9. Deal is not transferable. Meaning, that it is ONLY You eligible for the deal (not your family members, friends, guests or employees).
  10. 1 time $20 fee per booking. 1 person eligible for it. Preferably the billing contact assigned on the reservation.

I want to give back to our clients, and I want to give them something good. I believe through that we can become closer, grow our relationship and build a healthier society. And I find it fun. I try to meet all my clients and give them a ride when I have a chance. We, at Chief Chicago Limo do our best to be the different limo company- the one that cares about its clients.

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