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Book a local limo service  or use a “global” provider? Chief Chicago Limo,  is constantly trying to present you the real picture of the ground transportation industry. Many leisure and corporate travelers are increasingly booking a car service through “global” providers. In reality those  “global” companies are resellers. They flip the bookings to local providers with license and fleet , something the “global” operators don’t have. Such falsely self-proclaimed global companies are, Holiday Taxis, Blacklane, Groundlink, Mycab International and so on….

We would like to explain the advantages of booking directly with a local limo service provider.

Lower Rates

By booking directly with a local limo service company, a traveler can save lots of money. The “global” or “worldwide” limo companies aggressively advertise lower rates bu in reality, that`s not the case. They will actually cost you more because they mark up the bookings to earn a commission. That commission is often between 20% and 40%. Do the math and you will see how much one can save by booking with a local provider. Very often there are more resellers involved in the process. Sometimes a “global” company resells the ride to another “global” company. Then the rip off is even bigger. Clients can go online and find a good local limo service with high ratings and online limo booking tool.

Quality Of Service

Believe it or not you will get better service by booking directly with a local limo service company. Most of the resellers play tricks with the local suppliers. They often switch suppliers just to make a few bucks extra, no matter of the supplier`s performance. On top of that, today`s client is likely to be given next time to another local provider. Local limo companies have no way to retain a client. That’s why local limo operators are becoming less attentive to those “worldwide” companies’ clients.  By booking directly with a local limo service company, you will receive higher quality of service. Local operators will walk the extra mile because there is a chance to retain you as a regular client.

More Flexibility

It’s much easier to contact the local provider directly when you need to change or cancel your reservation.  On the other hand, with the “global” transfer companies you will have to go through the chain of supply. The message has to reach all the parties involved and then come back to you. That can take time and you may not have it. Again, because you are not direct client of the local supplier, cancellations and modifications can be very strict compared to that limo company’s regular clients.

Someone may say it’s very hard to find a reliable local limo service company, but in today’s world it’s actually very easy. Just google for such in your area of interest, check some reviews and proceed with the booking. Also, many local limo companies have embraced technology as well, so you don’t even have to call to book.

Hopefully our tips will guide you through making the right decision when it comes to choosing your limo, taxi or ground transportation provider around the world.