You Book, We drive. We invested a lot in a state of the art online booking tool with transparent rates. Read HOW TO BOOK section. Create an account to use the perks of the booking system.

After you place a reservation online, our team will review it and if everything is ok, we will email you a confirmation with our policies and procedures. There are rare cases your reservation maybe rejected if we think it is not safe for execution or there might be a credit card scam. We randomly ask for credit card verification forms. If we do and you do not respond immediately, your booking will not be executed.

Riding is simple too!

Need to go anywhere else besides airports?! We got you covered- with the same great service. Create an account and Book Online to enjoy a stress free luxury ride to your destination.

A few hours before your pick up time, the night before if it is an early morning pick up, or when your plane lands for arrivals, you will receive a text with your car and chauffeur details, often a picture of your chauffeur. You will also be notified when chauffeur is on the way and on location. In order not to bother you, we will call you only in times if you are running late, or we have problems locating you.

After you meet your chauffeur, expect only the best from him/her. Dressed to impress with a smile and warm greeting, help with luggage and doors, offer umbrella in case it rains, bottled water. Car will be clean always from inside and 99.99% outside. Sometimes in times of rain or snow, vehicle’s exterior might be little spotted, but no excuse for its interior. You may request a special drink from us or a snack ( extra charges may take place). A/C or heat will be adjusted upon your request. You will not hear NO from our chauffeurs, they will just need to call us on the spot to update us on your request ( extra charges may take place). Windows and radio is under your full control. However, loud sound may distract your chauffeur and affect the quality of driving. If you open rear windows a bothering noise creates in the front and chauffeur has to open a bit of the front windows to release the pressure created. If windows are open for long, A/C or heat must be stopped.

Your ride will be smooth and safe with no abrupt or illegal maneuvers. Chauffeurs are instructed not to talk unless a conversation is initiated by you. You will be dropped off at a safe location as close as possible to your final destination. No drop offs at intersections, not cleaned driveways and anything that threatens your safety and our vehicle. Doors will be opened and luggage will be taken care by our chauffeurs. Chauffeurs are not allowed to enter your premises. A grateful Good Bye and chauffeur will head towards the next destination.

After your ride, you maybe sent a review request on Google or TripAdvisor. If you have any remarks, feel free to reach out to us so we make sure your experience is what you expect.

We at Chief Chicago Limo work hard to create an unforgettable experience and exceed your expectations of a limo service. So far we are one of the top rated best limo service companies in Chicago and we are determined to stay that way.

We are looking forward to having you on board for the first time or serving you over and over again!