Chief Chicago Limo is a premium provider of ground transportation for Chicago and its surroundings. We are focused on making everyone happy with our limo services and airport transportation. As one of the top-rated limo companies in Chicago, we are trying to stay on top of the game and improve your experience with us.

Our owner came up with the idea of “amputating the empty leg”. What is empty leg? That is when cars have to either go to or return from a scheduled pick up empty. We are the FIRST to use that to offer people a cheaper limo service.


  1. Like our Facebook page, because that’s where the limo deals/promos will be posted EVERY DAY
  2. Turn the notifications ON so you know when we post a new deal
  3. Share our Facebook page because if the posted trip does not work for you, it may fit your loved one’s schedule and routes. The more likes we have, the bigger the chance is that someone will benefit from chopping that empty leg.
  4. Type of vehicle available – sedan or SUV, etc
  5. Usually rates will be 50% off the regular rates on our website.
  6. We will put the time of pickup which will be an interval let’s say between 9 am and 9:30 am. Earlier or later than the time posted the vehicle ll not be available because it either has to leave to or return from its next scheduled pick up.
  7. PU and DO locations- those are strictly set and cannot be changed because the vehicle will have a schedule pick up or drop off in those areas.
  8. Take action to book as advised on the deal post:

Posts will look like this:

Tomorrow 50% off
Sedan available
PU Chicago Loop
DO Milwaukee WI
Text to book at +1xxx-xxx-xxxx

With that idea we are hoping to improve the efficiency of our operations and at the same time provide a cheaper black car service for those that have not scheduled anything in advance yet. We will save on gas and time; you will have more in your pockets

The limo service we offer in those deals is the same as the regular. No cutting corners at Chief Chicago Limo! However, do not rely on those deals at the last moment because the deal may not be within your time and in your route. For 100% guaranteed pickups, please book our regular limo service on our website.

Our chauffeurs are one of the best in the industry and area and it will be a please to provide you with the limo service you deserve. Looking forward to having you on board soon!